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INTEK-SLC (Sanitary-Line Cleaner) is an acidic blend of nontoxic, biodegradable, organic compounds, which displays the same activity as mineral acids, without the attendant hazards associated with these harsh materials. It safely removes calcium carbonate scales and encrustations, at ambient temperature. INTEK-SLC is a triple- action, chelant based formula that interacts with the phosphate or carbonate portion of scale, as well as with the calcium portion of scale, readily effecting its dissolution; it also interacts with polyvalent metal ions (e.g., calcium) in the waste stream, effectively inhibiting their precipitation as scaling factors.
INTEK-SLC effectively removes and inhibits scale in sanitary lines, without attacking materials of construction, equipment, or enzymatic or microbiotic treatments.
INTEK-SLC is a nondusting, blue crystalline powder that readily dissolves in water, and is easily administered using conventional automatic chemical injection or hand-feed methods. Once dissolved, there are no special precautions required for handling or dealing with chemical odors or fumes.
INTEK-SLC offers substantial savings by eliminating the unnecessary packaging and shipping of water associated with aqueous products and by eliminating unnecessary drum disposal costs.
  • Appearance: Blue crystalline powder
  • Odor: Slight wintergreen
  • Specific Gravity: H2O=1 >1.23
  • pH of 2% solution: 3.5
  • Solubility in H2O: Complete
  • Safe for personnel: Nontoxic Noncaustic Nonflammable No mineral acids
  • Safe for equipment: Exceptionally low corrosion rates
  • Safe for the environment: Biodegradable Nonpolluting Will not bioaccumulate
  • Removes only scales and deposits, and not the underlying materials of construction.
  • Works effectively at room temperature.
  • Mixes readily with water.
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Inexpensive to ship and store.
  • Nonfoaming.
  • Can be stored indefinitely in an unheated facility.
1. Not recommended for uncontrolled use on zinc or magnesium substrates.
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