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INTEK TEAK ONE-STEP is a nonacidic, nonhazardous, biodegradable, one-step teak cleaner, conditioner and brightness enhancer. It rapidly and safely removes dirt, salt, oils, microorganisms, stains, mold and mildew, at ambient temperature, without raising the wood grain or producing other deleterious effects. It gives excellent results when used mixed with ordinary tapwater, without damaging teak or brightwork, and without altering teak's natural oils or appearance.

INTEK TEAK ONE-STEP is nonhazardous and biodegradable, virtually eliminating health and safety risks to workers, passengers and the environment.

INTEK TEAK ONE-STEP removes stubborn contaminants ( e.g., oils, soot, suntan lotion) and stains (e.g., wine), disperses undissolved particulate material, and brightens teak in a single step.

INTEK TEAK ONE-STEP is a nondusting, fine granular product that readily dissolves in ordinary tapwater. Once dissolved, no special worker protection is required to deal with chemical odors or fumes. Solution concentrations up to 8% by weight are easily prepared, without concern for exothermic reaction, foaming or precipitation.

INTEK TEAK ONE-STEP offers substantial savings by eliminating the unnecessary packaging and shipping of water associated with aqueous products and by eliminating the unnecessary extra drum disposal costs.

  • Appearance: Free flowing powder
  • Color: White
  • Odor: None
  • Specific Gravity >1.23
  • Water Solubility: ~ 10 %
  • Freezing Point: Will not freeze
  • Flash Point: Not applicable
  • Evaporation rate: Not applicable
  • % Volatile by Vol.: Not applicable
  • Safe for personnel: Nonacidic Nonvolatile Nonfuming Odor-free.
  • Safe for equipment: Noncorrosive Nonstaining.
  • Safe for the environment: Biodegradable Nonpolluting.
  • Removes only staine, grime and deposits, without damaging teak or brightwork.
  • Works rapidly at ambient temperature, without high pressure water or extensive scrubbing.
  • Will not fade or alter colors of fabrics accidentally contacted during application.
  • Nonhazardous and safe to use.
  • Dissolves readily in ordinary tap water.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Inexpensive to ship and store.
  • Does not freeze; can be shipped in winter in unheated trucks.
See INTEK TEAK ONE-STEP Application Guide for suggestions and instructions.
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